Happy 2023, Friends!

To start the year off on an artsy foot, we are releasing an updated Seattle art gallery/museum map, thanks to the help of our winter intern friend Ella Johnson.

Click here for the new and improved map! It is also available on our IG links page

Ella was fantastic and we are very grateful for her valuable and diligent work on the map. She researched new venues and made updates reflecting the art scene’s changed landscape since the map’s first edition last July. She also gave it a user-friendly zhuzh by switching to a more mobile-friendly font (all venue names are live links).

A Seattle native, Ella is currently an art history major at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Prompted by her winter break and a desire to learn more about her hometown’s contemporary art scene, Ella found AMcE Creative Arts and reached out with an offer to assist while she was home on holiday break. Being that a thrust of her study revolves about museums, she was curious as to the innerworkings of an art gallery.

Her timing was perfect! We were due to update our art map and we had some great events lined up in December that needed an extra and eager pair of hands.

In addition to updating the gallery map, Ella lent her organization and creativity skills to our holiday ornament making workshop for Mary’s Place. She proved to be a woman after this Virgo’s heart with her admirable setup and strike skills. She also created some really sweet ornaments for the tree at MP’s Women’s Day Center. While unable to join Luca and me for the actual decorating, she was with us in spirit.

Ella was a welcomed addition to Team AMcE and we’re hoping she’s up for a repeat performance during her summer break!

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