Seattle-based abstract painter Soo Hong‘s show Metaplay includes large-scale paintings inspired by quotidian moments, internal dialogues and cultural queries expressed through vibrant color and brushstroke energized with a cadence the artist likens to her life’s soundtrack. Metaplay is on view until April 3, 2022.

To accompany the show, DJ Sharlese of KEXP has created a playlist inspired by Soo’s paintings that will be made available through the gallery.

(Numbers correspond with placement in the gallery) Click here to access the Metaplay viewing room.

  1. Looking Inside and Understanding Outside – “Small Reptiles on the Forest Floor” by Pauline Anna Strom
  2. Live-Alive-Live – “Rock the Box” by Sylvester
  3. Swallowing Beats – “Spacer Woman” by Charlie
  4. Disco Gratitude – “Only You” by Steve Monite
  5. We Wonder – “Could Be You” by Jessy Lanza
  6. Haunting Kiss – “Introspection” by Laraaji
  7. Kiss, So Pink – “I Am in Love” by Jennifer Lara
  8. No Vanishing Point – “Death Doesn’t Exist” by Inkamera
  9. Time – “Ubu” by Al Wootton
  10. Soundtrack 1 – “Drum On” by CCL
  11. Soundtrack 2 – “Nomalizo” by Letta Mbulu
  12. Soundtrack 3 – “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode
  13. Soundtrack 4 – “Feel” by Xyla
  14. Soundtrack 5 – “Television Take” by Tranquil Eyes
  15. Education of Senses – “Computer Generation” by Jyl
  16. Garden Filter – “Sometimes” by Sapphire Slows
  17. Floating World II – “Mantodea VS Furcifer Pardalis” by Sign Libra

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