Kendra Larson

Kendra Larson is an artist based in Portland, OR with a primary focus on the ephemerality of Pacific NW landscapes. Her work explores historical ideas of the landscape and subtly supports ideas around environmentalism as well as contemporary relationships with the natural world.

Larson grew up in Salem, OR. She received her MFA in Painting at University of Wisconsin, Madison and has shown her work in venues in the United States and New Zealand. Larson is a past Signal Fire, Caldera (Sisters, Oregon) and New Pacific Studios (Masterton, New Zealand) artist in resident. She is represented by Augen Gallery in Portland, OR and teaches at PNCA and Portland State University.

Crow, 2007, Paper wire and acrylic, 12” x 24” x 12”, NFS
Crow, 2007
Paper wire and acrylic
12” x 24” x 12”
Aviary, 2012, Paper and paint, 240” x 240” x 144”
Aviary, 2012
Paper and paint
240” x 240” x 144”