I did a recent interview with Portland-based artist Kendra Larson and her sister Ashley for their podcast Art Gab. We talked about my move to Seattle, a bit on my background, my (boring) superpowers, and the founding of AMcE Creative Arts. 

You can listen to it here. *

Kendra is a fantastic artist whose work explores a contemporary twist on the tradition of landscape painting, infused with an environmental slant. AMcE will feature an installation of her bird sculptures for the group show HUMAN/ANIMAL in 2022. Here’s a link to an artist talk and online exhibition she did in partnership with ShoeBox Projects, Los Angeles. 

*Even though I have done public speaking for 20+ years, the thought of having to listen to my own voice for more than 10 minutes makes me wiggly. I made Cay listen to it to make sure I sounded listenable-to-able before sharing it with everyone. Enjoy.

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