AMcE is excited to have Pattern, Form and Figure included in Brangien Davis’ Crosscut article “ArtSEA: A playfull barrage of collage at Seattle arts spaces.” Of the many works currently on view in Pattern, Form and Figure, we are excited to share the work of Johanna Goodman’s The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings series and new chimeric ceramics from Debra Broz!

Pictured to the right:
Debra Broz
St. Bernard Pheasant, 2023
Mixed media on secondhand ceramics
10½ x 8 x 3½ in.

Debra Broz "St. Bernard Pheasant" AMcE Creative Arts
Pattern, Form and Figure Installation View
Debra Broz "Collector Chimera" AMcE Creative Arts

Additionally on view are Sophia Allison’s immaculate gardens, Melissa Kagerer’s woven lawn chairs, Robert Hardgrave’s new watercolors, Melissa Manfull’s isometric renderings, Jon Huck’s portraits, Marcus Cain’s intricately patterned sleeves, and wonderfully devious friends from Kim Tucker

Pictured to the left:
Debra Broz
Collector Chimera, 2023
Mixed media on secondhand ceramics
36 x 16 x 17 in.

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